How To: Increase Your BDO ATM Withdrawal Limit

On September last year, BDO had reduced the withdrawal and online limit for its ATM Card transactions.  From P50,000 a day, the limit was halved.  For those of you that need to withdraw a larger amount, the easiest way is call up their Customer Care Hotline and request a limit increase.  Its super easy and best done while inside the bank.

Just approach any BDO teller manning the account opening desk and request to use their phone to call the BDO Hotline, (02) 631-8000.  You can specify the new account limit for your transaction and how long it would be in place. It could be good for 24 hours or if you need more time, a week even.  However, no matter how high you set the limit, ATM withdrawal is still capped at P10,000 per transaction, so you’ll just have to be patient and do your transaction multiple times.

The increase in limit is also instantaneous.  You can withdraw the amount you need as soon as you’ve finished talking with the customer care representative.

I didn’t know this, and I was afraid that I had to wait hours and hours until I completed my transaction at the bank.  My branch of account is known to have loooooong lines any time, any day.   

But a teller took pity on me and taught me this neat trick.  I was customer number B190, and they're serving B78!

Plus, you won’t be charge any withdrawal fee as long as you transact using a BDO ATM machine.

How To: Activate Your BPI EMV Debit Card

So you got your sleek BPI EMV Debit Card. It's time to activate it!

You would need you old magnetic strip ATM card in this exercise.

1.     Insert the magnetic strip ATM card
a.     Select your preferred language
b.     Select Other Services
c.     Select PIN Services
d.     Select Activate Debit EMV Card
e.     Key-in your 4-digit PIN
f.      Press NO if you don’t want a receipt; YES, if you need a receipt

ATM machine will eject the old magnetic ATM card.
2.     Insert new EMV Debit Mastercard
a.     Select your preferred language
b.     Select Other Services
c.     Select PIN Services
d.     Select Nominate PIN for Debit EMV Card
e.     Key-in new 6-digit PIN, twice, consecutively
f.      Press NO, if you don’t want a receipt; YES, if you need a receipt

Your new card will be activated after 24 hours.

Photo courtesy of BPI Expressonline

How To: Claim Your BPI EMV Debit Card

Finally, BPI has decided to join the 21st century and release their new EMV chip ATM cards, called EMV Debit Card.  EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, which uses chip card technology and is the global standard for card payments.  This is also in compliance to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) mandate that all Philippine banks are to switch to this new technology for card issuance, ATM and POS terminals, for the protection of the public.  As such, replacing your current magnetic strip card with this EMV chip Debit card should be absolutely free.

To get your new EMV Debit Card, follow these simple steps:

1.     Bring the following requirements:
o   Government issued ID*
o   Photo copy of government issued ID
o   Your current BPI ATM card

*On BPI’s website, only 1 ID is required, however, the teller I talked too asked me to bring 2 valid ID’s, plus their photocopies.
2.     Know where to claim your card, by looking at the 1st 3-digits of the number at the back of your current ATM card.
3.     Consult BPI’s list here, and choose the area where you opened your account.

For Cavite area, here’s the list:
Branch Code
Branch Name
Bacoor Panapaan
KM 17 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Panapaan I, Bacoor, Cavite 4102
Imus Anabu II
KM 24 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Anabu II-A, Imus, Cavite 4103
E. Aguinaldo Hi-way
KM 30 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Zone 4, Dasmariñas, Cavite 4114
BPI Bldg. Brgy. Silang Crossing East, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City 4120

If your account is under payroll, wait for your HR department’s advice on when and where to get your EMV Debit Card.  Or if you know where you’re card’s branch of account is, drop by there to get your EMV Debit Card.  Don’t forget to bring the same requirements listed above.

Another option is to ask any BPI branch close to you to forward your EMV Debit card to that branch.  This may take a little more time and you’ll also need to provide more information for them to track your card and request a transfer.

As soon as you receive your card, activate it to ensure that it's working properly.

Detour at Nuvali Park, Sta Rosa

On a sunny Saturday afternoon I’ve brought the family to Nuvali Park at Sta. Rosa, Laguna after checking in our guest at Casita del Rose Tagaytay.  The day started pretty early.   

First agenda was lunch at Mahogany Market—the best place for that Tagaytay Bulalo experience.  An order of Bulalo is about P350 and is good for 4-5 persons.  They're priced the same on all eateries, so sit anywhere you fancy.  We always go to Kristal's stall.  Try their Sizzling Sisig--yummySurprisingly, the kids loved the fried Tawilis. They're small fishes caught from Taal Lake, sun-dried and fried.  Unlike tuyo, tawilis are smaller and aren't salty.

Then, straight to Casita del Rose for re-stock and to check in a guest.  It was jam-packed.  Plenty of guests staying since it’s a weekend and temperature is starting to rise.  After the check-in, we drive straight for Nuvali Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Nuvali is a mix-community developed by Ayala, that boast as the country’s first and largest eco-city development.  There are shops and leisure activities to be had, that doesn’t bust your wallet.

We let the kids feed the hundreds of Koi all clamoring to get a morsel.  I never saw these many Koi in my life.  Fish feeds are available at the booth near the boardwalk for P20 a pack.

We also did the boat tour or Water Taxi as they are called; because why not?  It’s P40 per pax and lasted for less than 5minutes, but totally enjoyable for the kids.  The boat laps around the lake, which serves as a catchment for storm water run-off and a reservoir.
We’re hoping to do biking but sadly, it’s on the other end of the lake and it’s late.  Maybe next time.

Nuvali is fairly easy to reach.  From Tagaytay, take the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa road.  It’s a straight path to Nuvali.  You know you’re in Sta. Rosa when you see the big S&R warehouse mall.  Turn right on the intersection and the park and lake will be on your left. 

If you’re coming from the metro, take the SLEX and exit at Sta Rosa.  Make a right turn to head to Nuvali.  It’s just a few meters after Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

There are plenty of parking spots and they are free.  There’s also no entrance fee going to the boardwalk area.  The booth for the fish feed and Water Taxi is in front of Starbucks.  I would suggest buying a ticket for the Water Taxi as soon as you arrive, since there’s a line especially on weekends.  You’ll be given a number and will be called once it’s your parties turn to ride.  Feed the fish while waiting.  It’s relaxing.

Add Mahogany Market and Nuvali to your Tagaytay weekend trip.  For more activities in Nuvali, check out these blogs.

Photo courtesy of Nuvali

MVP Rewards Card

I just received my sleek MVP Rewards Card thru mail last week.  It’s soooo VIP looking, a bit unexpected and a FREE PayMaya card if you still haven’t gotten one.

I did sign up for the MVP Rewards after noticing that I’m no longer accumulating Perks points thru my Smart mobile subscription.  Hey! Every points matter.
Lately, you might’ve noticed that your Perks points no longer sit prominently in your Smart online dashboard.  Well, this is because the Pangilinan group rolled out a new rewards system called MVPRewards.

MVP Rewards is a loyalty program for all the communications company under the MVP group, rolled into one.  What's great is that rebates earned from your PLDT, Smart or Sun subscriptions are combined together and disbursed directly thru your PayMaya app.
Joining is very easy.  Just go to, fill up the details and follow the steps.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to add your PLDT, Smart or Sun accounts in the My Account section.

Click the ‘Enroll An Account’ button and choose from the drop down the account types you’re going to enroll.  Enroll as many accounts as you want.  Here’s the list of accounts you can enroll.

·       PLDT
·       Smart Postpaid
·       Smart Infinity
·       Smart Bro Postpaid
·       Sun Postpaid
·       Smart Prepaid
·       Smart Bro Prepaid
·       TNT
·       Sun Prepaid
·       Sun Broadband Prepaid

Even if the account name is not yours, you can still enroll them.  However, MVP Rewards would need to contact you first for the verification.  Accounts under your name are instantly verified.

For PLDT Ultera users, use the first 3 digit of your Service Reference Number (SRN), found in your billing statement, as the area code to enroll Ultera accounts.

For existing Paymaya users, just open your Paymaya app and add the MVP Paymaya card, by going to My Cards, then Link PayMaya Card.

Doing so would sync your regular Paymaya card wallet with your MVP Paymaya wallet.  This would also mean that you’ll see your rebates from MVP Paymaya direct to your Paymaya mobile wallet.  However, the sync would only take if both wallets were registered under the same mobile number.  Different mobile number would result into a separate Paymaya wallet.  A Paymaya representative would contact you to deactivate one card, since an individual can only have one PayMaya account.

You can then use the points to shop or pay for future bills.  Win!

Go to their FAQ page for more information. 

Ohhh, and your unused Perks points from Smart? No worries, you still have a chance to redeem them.  Just text POINTS to 9800 to know your balance, and ITEMS for the list of products you can redeem.  You can also check them thru the Smart Perks page.

Redeem them now before they expire.

Photo courtesy of MVP Rewards

A New Place To View Taal, Laeuna de Taal, Day 3

On our way back from Eagle's Point Resort, Batangas, we chose to take the Taal-Lemery road via Papaya Road (Diokno Highway) which pass by Fantasy World, to go up to Tagaytay.  We didn't know that the bridge leading to Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway was closed for repair due to typhoon Glenda which hit the Philippines back in 2014.  Yes, 3 years later, it's still on-going repair.

We had to double back and take Laurel Road, which was a 24km highway along Taal Lake.  The view was gorgeous, plus, road trip!

We're all over the map!

On our way to Tagaytay via the twisting and turning road of Ligaya Drive, we saw this new development by Filinvest.  It's named Laeuna de Taal.  I'm not interested in buying a lot on this property, cause I'm pretty sure it would be 'bongga' in price.

What I would share was the grand view of Taal Lake and volcano offered by Laeuna's lay-by.  Like all private vehicles going up to Tagaytay, we parked our vehicle on the shoulder road and jogged to the other side.

Here's the kids backed by Taal Lake and volcano.  Laeuna even had a guard posted on the area to keep the tourists safe, man the traffic and the gate of the development.

Then, there's a sorbetes vendor here.  Dirty ice cream!  A bit pricey, since a cone costs P20.  But, given the steep road that Mr. Sorbetes had to navigate to ply his ware.  Sulit!

So, on your next Tagaytay trip.  Drop by Ligaya drive and have an ice cream at the Laeuna de Taal Lay-by.

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Travel Date:  August 2017

Photo Courtesy of:
Laeuna de Taal by Filinvest

Overnight At Eagle Point, Batangas Part 2

Our 2nd day started early, with a buffet breakfast at the Eagle's Nest Bar and Restaurant.  There's fried rice, scrambled eggs, daing na bangus (butterflied milkfish soaked in vinegar and garlic), and longganisa (sausage links).  For drinks, there's orange juice and coffee.

The night before, we ordered lunch from the staff to be taken at Sepoc beach.  Lunch was good for 2 persons and consisted of rice, grilled chicken or pork, grilled squid, pancit (noodles) and a plate of fruits.  All to be cooked by their staff right at Sepoc beach.  Price not included on the room rate, but would be paid upon check out.

We ordered two lunch pack since we're a family of four.  But, the food was enough to feed 6-8 persons.  We actually gave the rest to our boat man, cause we're not big eaters at all.

We did an early check out from the room, to allow us to waddle in the beach until 2pm.  The staff were nice enough to allow us to store our luggage in their office, for free.  We're also allowed to use the pool and it's facility until the afternoon, which I would say a fair enough deal to make.

A boat going to Sepoc beach costs a minimum of P3500.  They have a big boat that could easily seat 10 person.  We borrowed big beach towels from the information desk, since we didn't bring any.

Tide is coming...

Waiting for the boat that would take us to Sepoc beach.

Off we go.

The sea is calm and ohhh so blue.

Sepoc beach is a small cove with white sand beach.  It's really sunny.  Sunblocks are a must!

We did snorkling.  Too bad, I always seem to forget my water proof pouch, to get those under water shots.  It's beautiful, with plenty of colorful fishes to see.

After two, we head back to the resort to wash up and go back to reality.

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Travel Date: August 2017